Sunday, June 15, 2014

Syndication: The World in One Site

Automotive syndication is a car inventory syndication system that puts together new and used car listings from across the U.S. and Canada into one site. In this setup, visitors will only have one website to visit and search, making it easy to remember. However, the listings will link back to the seller when clicked.

It's a good strategy; syndication exposes the brand to a broader audience. Whether or not the customer will buy something from the dealer, all that matters—on a basic level—is that people have seen the dealer's business. From this point on, one of many things can happen: visiting the dealership, referring it to others, browsing its inventory, etc.

The same thing happens when you upload a video on YouTube. As YouTube is the go-to site for online videos about anything, it's easier for your video to be seen on YouTube than hosting the video on your blog yourself. On top of that, most of its services are free of charge, cutting costs in content generation.

Although online marketing's focus today is on local brand exposure, it doesn't hurt to let your brand be known nationwide. Besides, it’s not always the locals who search for the best restaurants or services in a particular area. People from other places can do the same thing. 

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